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More people in work…

The BBC reports that the trend for employment is on the increase, more people are now in work and unemployment fell by 4,000 to June 2013. So basically although unemployment stands at 2.51 million which is 7.8%, it’s still news that the employment market is going in the right direction. […]

Zero hours contracts

It has been all over the news in the past 24 hours that approximately a million people are working under a zero hours contract. I think Vince Cables use of the word ‘abuse’ is a bit over dramatic but I do realise that essentially these type of contracts main beneficiaries […]

Fall in graduate vacancies

The BBC reports that this year has seen a 4% decline in available graduate vacancies, meaning that it’s tougher than ever for graduating students to find a job that fits in with their degree. Please see the link for the full story:- A good recruitment agency will help any […]

Permanent jobs growth

Great news in from the REC who have said that 56% of employers will add a permanent members of staff t their company in the next quarter. This is optimistic news for job seekers and no better time to send Permanent People your CV. For the full article, see:-