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Over the past couple of years as a Rec2Rec (Recruitment-to-Recruitment) company, Permanent People have worked extensively on a variety of recruitment jobs in The Netherlands. This has given us the position of being the leading Rec2Rec within the country, something which we are very proud of.

During this time, the concentration as tended to focus on Amsterdam as a location. This has mainly been due to our client base of Dutch and International businesses who have positioned their office there, and also because Amsterdam is a very popular location for Recruiters to relocate to for numerous reasons:- fantastic culture, earning potential, booming recruitment market and work/life balance – are just some of the reasons which make the Capital such an appealing place.

Permanent People are still very busy helping recruitment businesses who are looking to hire, find the right talent and also working with Recruiters who are looking for a new job in Amsterdam – both based locally and those who are relocating from around the world.

Wider Region

More recently, and due to our success in working with an assortment of varying businesses in The Netherlands, from large corporate companies to independent boutique agencies, Permanent People have been begun working with a diverse mix of recruitment companies across the Country.

This has brought some very interesting positions for the team to work on, and mean that there are far more options available to recruiters looking for a new challenge now, rather than just being completely centred on the Capital.

Working on a range of industries, from IT, Technology, Finance, to Energy, Oil & Gas and Life Science, we now have a broad mix of Dutch clients who are looking to hire new talent.

Location-wise, we have current recruitment vacancies, working for leading businesses in:

  • Breda
  • Den Haag
  • Den Bosch
  • Utrecht
  • Rotterdam
  • Eindhoven 

These roles offer a recruiter a great challenge, and would involve working for some of the leading Dutch Recruitment companies.

To discuss your next carer move, get in contact with Paul Reid: +44 2920 100833 / +44 7523 075164 or by email on Paul@permanentpeople.co.uk

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