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Career Change – My journey into the world of Rec2Rec!

My change of recruitment career into Rec2Rec

Following a long, rewarding career of over 18 years in education recruitment, my personal situation changed two years ago quite suddenly, and I needed more flexibility to support my elderly parents with health problems.

So following many conversations over the years with a gentleman I worked with previously, trusted, respected and liked – Paul Reid, we decided it was the right time for both of us and I made the big leap into the world of Rec2Rec with Permanent People 😊

I reminded myself that growth happens outside your comfort zone, and it is better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven’t done.

Embracing the learning curve with an open mind, knowing I would be supported and it would be fun along the way and wow what a great two-year journey it has been. I have no regrets! It was the best move I have ever made professionally and personally!

What I have learnt :-

  • Embrace your new role with enthusiasm, dedication, positive attitude and commitment. Only you can make it work!
  • Do the basics in recruitment right = care, listen, question, do what you say you are doing to, be accountable, set expectations, keep everyone informed (even if bad news) and treat others how you want to be treated.
  • Celebrate small objectives achieved, new skills and knowledge learned, and every successful interaction in your new field is worth acknowledging. These build your confidence and keep you motivated.
  • Recruiters are just people, they like to talk, and they know the game but continue to surprise us every day 😉
  • Other sectors are very interesting, and it is great when you hear a recruiter who is passionate about their specific field and what they do! I have learnt so much about other sectors and it has really opened my eyes to how big the recruitment world truly is!
  • Be your authentic self. Work with clients and candidates you enjoy working with.
  • Not everyone will suit your way of working and that is ok. Sometimes you have to say no and be told no. It always works out the right way.
  • Learn from everyone. Navigating a career change is easier with a support network. Listen to your peers, boss, candidates and clients, Do not be scared to ask lots of questions so you can truly understand your role and how you can make a difference.
  • Own your mistakes, we are all human! Continue to take the time to identify your strengths, weaknesses and skills. This way you will continue to develop.
  • Time is precious, work smart, be ethical, resilient and keep going – results will come!

Navigating a career change is easier with a support network so choose your employer wisely and embrace the challenges, seize opportunities, and let your career change be an exciting new adventure!  We are only here once!

For career advice on changing your recruitment job, contact me today or connect with me on LinkedIn!


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Looking for a new recruitment move in New York? 🍎 

We’re very proud to be working with a leading Digital Marketing recruitment business based in the Financial District.

They’re looking for a top level recruiter to come in and spearhead their work with SaaS vendors across NY and the US.

Great salary, benefits and overall package!! 💵 

Get in touch with us for more info….

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We’re very proud to smash the 25,000 follower mark on #linkedin, making us one of the most followed Rec2Rec’s in the world 🌍 

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Back in work today for the PP team, and we’ve been speaking with people who are considering a change this year, are you???? 🌍 ✈️ ☀️ 

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As the Big Man arrives tonight, all of the Team here at Permanent People would like to wish all of our Clients, Candidates & everyone we’ve worked with this year, a very Merry Christmas 🎄 

Here’s to a happy, healthy and productive 2024!

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Great card from the Team for @paulreid77 ‘s birthday 🎂 

Sums up the sense of humour in our company 

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Oh what fun we had on our Christmas night out this week! 🎉🎄🍷🥩

Belly laughs, a very naughty secret Santa and a little too much red wine did flow! 

Merry Christmas to all our lovely clients and candidates from the Permanent People team ✨

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Today marks World Mental Health Day, and here at PP, we’re committed to making sure we work as ethically and kindly as possible every day ❤️

And if today raises awareness around the subject of Mental Health even more, and helps start conversations with people around you or even complete strangers, what a great thing to happen!

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Today we pay homage to Gemma Hill and celebrate her 2 year anniversary with PP!

Gem is someone the business had known a long time, and due to circumstance and the stars aligning, the opportunity came up in 2021 for her to join the team - and we've never looked back.

She has brought a fresh, fun and very detailed approach to PP and the Rec2Rec market, something which our clients and all the candidates that Gem has dealt with will attest to.

We love having her on our team, she makes us laugh and truly cares about everyone she works with and comes into contact with in her role!

So here's to Gem's first 2 years at PP, with many more to come 💜

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