Deciding to move to a new town or city, can be for a variety of reasons and often when this is on the horizon it will involve searching for a new job.

One of the major values in using a Rec2Rec, can be their knowledge of the local employers that, when relocating, isn’t something you’re always aware of.

So over the past couple of years, one of the increasingly common requests we have worked on has been just this scenario.

There’s some candidates that particularly stick out in my memory, and myself and the team helped these re-locators find a new job in a new place in their new adventure. We did more than just given them a list of places to choose from, and I felt it was our responsibility to advise them on agencies that would fit them best culturally, socially and financially. I think this is where the value of engaging with a knowledgeable recruiter comes in.

This has expanded for us globally, and working with recruiters secure a job in Australia, Dubai, Amsterdam or Germany of course has different challenges. Sponsorship, cost of living, best places to rent, childcare and relocation costs can all be a head ache, but essentially it’s still: Is it the right match for the recruiter and agency?

It’s the same as when we advised recruiters when moving from London to Bristol, Manchester to Cardiff or Birmingham to the South East of England; Is the job the right and agency?

It’s a culmination of all these things, but getting the job can be the central point and we can help work with people in all the other aspects.

Yes, this is a blog aimed at letting candidates know that we can help find you a new job, in a new place, and we will be as helpful as we can be to make the transition as easy as possible.

Some of our testimonials reflect this:

So if you are considering a new recruitment life in one the below places, get in touch with the team at Permanent People and we’ll do our best to make it as easy as possible

  • Cardiff                                               Sydney/Melbourne
  • London                                             Dubai
  • Bristol                                               Amsterdam
  • Birmingham                                   Frankfurt/Munich/Cologne/Dusseldorf
  • Manchester                                     Singapore
  • Leeds                                                 United States – NYC, Boston, San Francisco, LA, Atlanta, Miami – Amongst others


Paul Wales, Bristol, Birmingham & Manchester & South East

02920 100833 – 0117 905 5195 – 0207 692 1711

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