Best colours to wear for an interview!

If you have recently applied for a role and have been invited in for a job interview, it goes without saying that certain things are vital to do, go over your CV, know your dates and figures, obviously give a good account of yourself and arrive with plenty of time to spare.

But there is another more subtle part to consider.What to wear!

We all think about this as you want to look the part for the role you are going for, and there’s a little bit of clothing psychology which could play an integral part in you being successful, the colour of the outfit you’ve chosen.

Studies suggest that you should stay away from bright colours, yellows, greens with orange being the worst. To achieve the best results, the answer in a nutshell is dark colours are best.

So navy, black or dark grey is good, maybe with a splash of red or blue to inject some personality is considered to be a winner.

Below is a list of what personality traits colours give off,and in this day and age where there is so much competition for jobs, why not give yourself an extra edge.

Black – Leadership

• Blue – Team Player

• Grey – Logical/Analytical

• White – Organised

• Brown – Dependable

• Red – Power

• Green, Yellow, Orange or Purple – all four colours were associated with Creative

We would love to hear your thoughts on this and any past success or failures you may of had as a result of wearing that electric pink suit that looked so good when you left the house!

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