Rec-to-rec in Cardiff

There’s quite a few rec-to-rec agencies out there, across the UK, and they all do what they do well. But what if you’re a recruitment professional looking for a local rec-to-rec in South Wales? Where do you go?

Does an agency, however good they are, really understand your needs and the geography of where you want your next position to be? For example, if you live in Tredegar and a role comes up in Swansea, if you look at a map, it doesn’t seem that far, but if you know the route and commute it would take, then we all know that it isn’t very practical.

And what about your knowledge of the market in your local area. You have worked in your sector, have experience with your clients and know what they are looking for, so ideally, you probably want to stay within that if you’re looking for a change and want to move jobs for various reasons.

It could be money, career progression, not happy with the direction your current employer has taken or you simply want a new challenge.

Whatever the reason, Permanent People are a Cardiff based rec-to-rec who know the difference between Measteg and Ely, Gowerton to Rogerstone. We have numerous contacts across the South Wales area, as well as recruiting nationally, so if you are looking for your next role in recruitment, from Trainee to Management, get in touch with us today to discuss your options. PR

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