Best and worst jobs in the UK!

Working in recruitment, it’s always interesting to hear about good jobs and also, the bad ones. The nosey part of us likes to measure ourselves and see what fortune/misfortune others have, what they earn and wonder whether we could do that.

On the list, there isn’t a lot of what most of us would call, regular jobs, retail, driving,  customer service, catering and dare I say it, recruitment but these are the kind of roles that keep everything ticking along and are done mainly to earn a crust and pay the bills. It’s also true to say that in these industries, you can work for brilliant companies where employees get real job satisfaction because of environment or the social element and vice versa.

Overall, the best and worst jobs are based on job security, enjoyment and opportunity. If you have that already, congratulations. If not, maybe give us a call.

Here’s the link to the list in full.

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