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Permanent People Rec2Rec turns 10!
Permanent People Rec2Rec turns 10!

10 Years a Rec2Rec!

August 2013 saw the launch of Permanent People as a Rec2Rec.

Like all new businesses, our plan was to change the world of recruitment. In reality, those first few months, saw us finding our feet and realise the importance of putting money in the bank.

Back then, we started of recruiting mainly for the South Wales area, as this is where our Director, Paul Reid, lives. London soon came calling, then whilst working with national agencies, we started recruiting across the UK. It was all about finding recruiters, as there was such a demand from agencies wanting to hire them.

So our focus changed to concentrating on headhunting recruiters, rather than building a client base through BD. And that’s never changed. We’ve been lucky enough for companies to come to us and want to use our services over the years, and they’ve kept coming back because of our core principles.

What are they?

We’re friendly, down-to-earth and know what we’re talking about. We’ve always tried to look at things from the other persons point of view. And we get things done.

This approach led us to speak with candidates who would ask “I want to go to Amsterdam/Australia/USA” etc… so using our approach of focusing on what people want, we started to work with recruitment agencies internationally.

Over the 10 years, we have worked across may countries, including:

Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Malta, Sweden, Latvia, Macedonia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, China, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

We’ve had to learn a lot, but we always have done and never compromised our belief in how Rec2Rec should be done.

This makes it all sound easy doesn’t it!! It wasn’t.

Whilst building a business, you still have to pay your bills (business & personal), whilst trying to hold on to your beliefs in how it should be done. That’s a difficult balance to get right. But I believe we’ve done that, and am so proud that we’ve never given up our morals just to make a quick buck.

Of course all of this is only possible because of the people that have worked for PP. We’ve been lucky enough over the years to have some fantastic people work in the business, and all have contributed to our growth. We couldn’t of built Permanent People without them and their hard work, so it’s something I’ll always be grateful for.

And now, we have (I believe), the best Team of people in place that we’ve ever had. With an Amsterdam office opened a few years ago as well as our presence in London and South Wales, Permanent People has become the company I’d hoped it would.

I know as a business owner, manager and recruiter, I haven’t always got things right, but the important thing is that I’ve learned from situations, and used them to always try an improve myself and Permanent People.

My family, friends and all the recruiters we’ve dealt with and clients we’ve helped, have all shaped our journey. So for that, THANK YOU!

I’m super proud of PP as a company, what we stand for and the service we all deliver everyday. So here’s to the future and another 10 years!


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Wishing our very own Gemma Hill, a very, very Happy Birthday 🎈today!!

Hope you have the best day @loveshoes1981 

#Rec2Rec #Birthday #RecuiterLife #recruitmentagency #celebrate
Today marks the 1 year work anniversary of Maz Ataie here at Permanent People 🥳

Maz manages all of our recruitment across London, the Home Counties and the South Coast, and over his 1st year, he’s built up very strong relationships with our clients in these areas, whilst also placing some great recruiters into some brilliant companies!

He’s currently got live recruitment vacancies in Life Sciences, A&F, Education, Construction, Finance and Legal (amongst many more).

Here’s to year 2 and more success 🙌

#rec2rec #workanniversary #oneyear #recruitment #recruitmentconsultant #recruitmentagency #recruiterlife #permanentpeople
Celebrating 5 years of the FABULOUS Louise Reid on our Team 🧡 🥳

Louise heads up all of our European hiring needs and actually made the move herself 3 years ago when she set up home in Amsterdam 🏠 

She’s a creative bubble of positivity and smiles! Clients and candidates form a loyal friendship with her, and over the years she’s become your ‘go to girl’ for matching both with their individual needs.

She is an instrumental part of the team and we’re SO lucky to have you! Here’s to many more happy, successful years 🎉 🍾 

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Today we celebrate the 2 year work anniversary of our very own Beth Long!

Beth not only manages all of our #rec2rec recruitment in the North of England, but also keeps all our advertising/marketing on track as well!!

Here’s to many more years - and thanks @beelong83 🎈 

#recruitment #anniversary #workanniversary #recruiterlife #recruitmentagency #instarecruitment #celebrate #colleague
Our London Consultant, Maz, is out and about meeting with Clients and Candidates in London today 🤝 

He’s basing himself in some swanky surroundings, and building his network in the #London recruitment market ✅ 

#rec2rec #recruiterlife #instalondon #recruitment #clients #candidates #meetings #networking #londonlife #ministry #londonlife #hiring #recruitmentconsultantjobs #recruitmentagency
Celebrating 11 years of PP’s longest serving employee, Carlos!
He’s seen the whole journey of the company unfold, and offers unwavering day-to-day support, and is especially good at dealing with prickly people 🌵 

Here’s to the next 11!

#Rec2Rec #Cactus #cacti #cactiofinstagram #recruitment #loyalemployee #cactuslover #recruiterlife #cactuslover
Today’s #worldbookday, a fantastic day to celebrate the books we love and that inspire us!

From the stories that inspired us as children, those which some of our favourite films come from to thrillers and business literature that keep our brains moving as adults - books are the gateway to a world of imagination 🌍 📕 

What’s your favourite? Either personally or business-wise?

#rec2rec #books #worldbookday2024 #recruitment #literature #inspiration #authors #recruiterlife