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7 Years in Recruitmentland

Happy Birthday to us!!

2013 started out as fairly rudimentary one, as years go, for me. I was in a job that was fine and safe but going nowhere really.

A few things happened along the way. but culminated in me coming up with the bright idea to go out on my own and start my own recruitment business. Something I, like many, had always wanted to do.

I then did a few things that I now say to people they probably shouldn’t. Save enough money so you can live for six months, have a distinct idea about what you want to do and get as much advice as possible from those who know what they’re talking about.

I didn’t do any of that. I incorporated a company, thought of a name, put a website together and away we go. Three weeks in I made my first placement in a recruitment company in London, with a candidate who is a good friend of mine today. I think start not only got me off to a flyer thinking that Rec2Rec was easy (!) but it also underpinned everything we’ve done since in the way we get to know people in helping them find a job. It’s personal and matters, which I believe is important.

A lot has happened since then and I won’t bore you with the ups and downs, but it’s safe to say I’ve learned a lot and worked with some very inspirational and talented people. I’m proud to say we’ve placed people in five continents, and have great relationships with people all over the world.

One thing that remains true is that everyone we speak with is treated the same, which means whether you’re a recruiter in South Africa, Chicago or Swansea, all have common things they want from Permanent People:-

Great service, the personal a touch and an end result to what we do.

I’m not going to turn into Leo Tolstoy here, but it’s safe to say I’m proud of what has been acheived.

This year has been tough for everyone, personally and professionally, and there were times I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, or whether we would survive. But to be fair, if you really think about it, that’s what every day over the past seven years has been like – it’s why I do it. That’s the beauty and the beast of running your own business.

So here’s to the next seven, and to making the most of what we all do everyday. And if anything new has dropped into my grey matter this year, it’s that we should all be kinder and help each other, not waste a moment and enjoy it!


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