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Thinking about relocating to Singapore? Well, think no more…

After reading this, you’ll wish you were there!

There are several factors that make Singapore the ideal location, such as, access to great facilities, low crime rates, good quality education, excellent transportation, delicious food, and the presence of a large expat community.

Let’s elaborate..

  • Singapore is a rainforest inside a city – when people think of Singapore, they think of a city, a generic concrete jungle, but that’s not the case. Only in Singapore, would you see skyscrapers, mixed with various types of trees you’d only expect to see in a rainforest. To top that off, they have tropical plants dotted all over the city!Singapore made a conscious effort to ensure precious pockets of rainforests remained, which you can see through the Singapore Botanical Gardens, Gardens by the Bay or the various hiking trails such as MacRitchie and Henderson Wave. More than that, Singapore has the largest indoor waterfall, located in their own Changi airport, which has been voted the world’s best airport for 7 consecutive years!  

  • Singapore is bursting to the seams with impressive attractions and exciting activities – the challenge you will have, is not finding something to do. Whether you are visiting Singapore alone, with your loved one or family, there’s always things to see. Beautiful architecture such as Marina Bay Sands and the Esplanade, or white sandy beaches at Sentosa, or for those seeking a thrill, visit Universal Studios to experience the exhilarating rides.Oh, and not to forget those with children, Singapore is home to an amazing sea aquarium and one of the world’s best zoos. However, if you do manage to get a babysitter, then Boat Quay or Clarke Quay is the place to go!


  • Singapore allows you to treat Asia as your back garden – living here means that there are countless of adventures only a short ferry or plane ride away! Some of the most popular destinations include Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. But you could also visit Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines and even Australia or New Zealand.With many of these areas being so close, you wouldn’t even have to take time off work. A long weekend from Friday night to Sunday night would suffice. However, if do plan on staying longer, you can utilise Singapore’s 11 bank holidays. Making it very easy for you to tick all these wonderful places off your bucket list!


  • Singapore will expose you to a variety of cultures and religious celebrations – despite Singapore’s small size, the customs and cultures there are unique. They are a mixture of various ethnic influences such as Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western. The diversity of culture is reflected in the many languages that are spoken there, including English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil.Also, because there are so many racial and ethnic groups, you’ll experience many different festivals, religious services and traditions. To give some examples: Chinese New Year, which is celebrated island wide. Hari Raya Puasa, where the Muslim community celebrates the end of Ramadan and Diwali/Deepavali, the festival of lights, which is significant in Indian culture. Singaporeans also celebrate Christian days such as Easter and Christmas too.

  •  Singapore makes it easy for first timers – the expat community in Singapore is excellent, so you will never feel out of place, no matter where you’re from! The best way to infiltrate the expat community is to join one of the many expat groups on Facebook. You’ll be surprised how many like-minded individuals you’ll meet.


Want to live and recruit there?

Our international team here at Permanent People have an extensive client base across Asia, where we work with leading recruitment businesses in Kuala Lumpur, China, Hong Kong and of course, Singapore.

Currently, our Rec2Rec team of recruiters have numerous vacancies, covering a wide range of sectors, including: Creative, Digital, IT, Technology, Banking, Finance, White Collar Construction, FinTech and Marketing.

And we work with all sizes of recruitment businesses, from large corporate firms to boutique, independent recruiters. So there is an opportunity for every type of recruiter, whether you are looking locally or looking to relocate, Permanent People can help you.

So, contact and she’ll be able to inform you of all our recruitment opportunities!

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Looking for a new recruitment move in New York? 🍎 

We’re very proud to be working with a leading Digital Marketing recruitment business based in the Financial District.

They’re looking for a top level recruiter to come in and spearhead their work with SaaS vendors across NY and the US.

Great salary, benefits and overall package!! 💵 

Get in touch with us for more info….

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Back in work today for the PP team, and we’ve been speaking with people who are considering a change this year, are you???? 🌍 ✈️ ☀️ 

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As the Big Man arrives tonight, all of the Team here at Permanent People would like to wish all of our Clients, Candidates & everyone we’ve worked with this year, a very Merry Christmas 🎄 

Here’s to a happy, healthy and productive 2024!

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Great card from the Team for @paulreid77 ‘s birthday 🎂 

Sums up the sense of humour in our company 

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Oh what fun we had on our Christmas night out this week! 🎉🎄🍷🥩

Belly laughs, a very naughty secret Santa and a little too much red wine did flow! 

Merry Christmas to all our lovely clients and candidates from the Permanent People team ✨

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Today marks World Mental Health Day, and here at PP, we’re committed to making sure we work as ethically and kindly as possible every day ❤️

And if today raises awareness around the subject of Mental Health even more, and helps start conversations with people around you or even complete strangers, what a great thing to happen!

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Today we pay homage to Gemma Hill and celebrate her 2 year anniversary with PP!

Gem is someone the business had known a long time, and due to circumstance and the stars aligning, the opportunity came up in 2021 for her to join the team - and we've never looked back.

She has brought a fresh, fun and very detailed approach to PP and the Rec2Rec market, something which our clients and all the candidates that Gem has dealt with will attest to.

We love having her on our team, she makes us laugh and truly cares about everyone she works with and comes into contact with in her role!

So here's to Gem's first 2 years at PP, with many more to come 💜

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