The Best UK Jobs to Recruit for in 2019!

We thought that as we work with recruiters looking for a new opportunity, and companies looking for new talent, it might be useful to share the Glassdoor rated Best Jobs in the UK.

Some of the entries aren’t surprising, however we were pleasantly surprised to see Recruitment make into on the list at number 23.

As we all know, recruitment can be a tough, demanding but rewarding industry to work in, and it’s perhaps a sign of the times, that working in it is finally being recognised by a wider audience as a talent rather than something that once was the cliched “fallen into” industry.

There’s strong presence across finance, technology and some broader job titles, and these are all based on three equally considered factors:

Earning potential based on median annual base salary,
Job satisfaction rating and Number of job openings.

Have a read through the below, as I think if you work in the recruitment industry, it provides interesting reading:

Best Jobs 2019

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