Severn Bridge: Commuters in South Wales and the South West

After a long 50 years of toll fees on the Severn Bridge, today marks the day that these fees have been scrapped. We thought it would be useful to look at the positive impact that this will have on commuters in South Wales and the South West in 2019…

Many commuters who cross the Severn bridge every day will now save around £1500 per year on such fees. This is also estimated to boost the Welsh economy by around £100m as it opens exciting doors for businesses to set up new offices in Wales without the toll acting as a barrier. Those living on either side of the bridge can now look further afield when considering their career. In particular, recruitment is booming in both Cardiff and Bristol but Recruiters can widen their search for the right role and company without worrying about the cost of commuting.

There are already huge investments in smaller cities like Newport and Chepstow where new housing is being built and fantastic new shopping centers, restaurants and bars are opening. It is estimated that around 6000 houses are to be built on the Welsh border and around 1000 homes in Chepstow will be built during the coming year. This is also great news if you already own property in the areas of Cardiff, Newport, Portishead and Bristol as house prices are increasing due to the demand. In particular, house prices have increased by 16% in Chepstow and by 12% in Newport and Monmouth.


If you’re considering looking further afield now that the tolls are scrapped, we are actively working with many recruitment agencies on both sides of the bridge. We have some exciting roles in various sectors and at all levels to start in 2019:
• Associate Recruitment Director in Newport
• IT Recruitment Consultant in Cardiff
• Senior Construction Recruitment Consultant in Cardiff
• Commercial Recruiter in Cardiff
• Finance Recruitment Consultant in Portishead
• Marketing Recruitment Consultant in Bristol
• Trainee Recruitment Consultant in Bristol
• Team Leader (IT) in Bristol

To find out more about what we have on offer in the South Wales and South West area, get in touch with our local consultants –

Sheli Barton at

Ella McGerty at

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