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Skopje. Perhaps not the most common place to consider relocating to!!

First prize if you knew it was the capital of Macedonia. Second prize if you know anything else about this diverse country.

Did you know for example that the tax bracket is an eye watering 10%?

Or that Skopje is said to be 7000 years old. Or that Mother Theresa and Alexander the Great were born there. Or that there’s a growing recruitment scene in the Country, there had to be some reason we were writing about this, as we aren’t Bill Bryson.

What recruitment?

Due to the low cost of living, more and more Western European companies are positioning some of there recruitment business in Macedonia. This is not just down to money though, the quality of work, good location and excellent calibre of local talent means that recruitment searches and processes can be carried out by diligent teams, which are predominantly based in Skopje.

There’s all sorts going on there. From Executive Search companies who specialise in Tech Start-Ups to global brands who have concentrated their recruitment teams there.

What’s on offer?

We (Permanent People), are very fortunate to be recruiting for a brand new position, with a large Corporation who are looking to hire a Recruitment Manager to lead a small team of recruiters in the heart of Skopje.

The role will involve running the recruitment team within the business, and concentrate on placing contractors into International Agencies, such as NATO and the United Nations, amongst others. The business has already been won, and alongside the new work coming in, there is also a Project team who pass vacancies over, and it is the responsibility of the Recruitment Manager to ensure that the Delivery and Account Management of these opportunities are handled efficiently and proactively.

Due to the aforementioned living costs, and the salary of €42.000 plus bonuses, the earning will be the equivalent of £60,000 as a three bedroom house/apartment, can be rented for in the region of €500 per month. SO without going all location, location, location, it ticks a lot of boxes for an experienced recruiter who is looking for a very different type of international opportunity where they can join a global corporation, work In-House and earn good money.

What else?

The location is such that in the Winter, the Ski slopes of Bulgaria are within a short drive, and then in Summer, the Greek Islands are a similar distance. So all year round experiences to be had.

There’s also direct flights from the UK (comes as part of the package) and other excellent benefits that you’d expect when working for a large Corporation.

We lied.

This brief travel guide was actually a not-very-cleverly disguised job advert, but you get the point. It’s a great job, in a great location – we just want to speak with an experienced recruiter who reads this and thinks “that’s the job for me!”.

So if you come from one of the following job types, contact Paul Reid on +44 7523 075164 or email  

  • Recruitment Manager
  • Team Leader
  • In-House/Internal Recruitment
  • Branch Manager
  • Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Basically any recruitment sector where you’ve lead a recruitment team and want to have a great job in Skopje

You get the picture.

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