4 Tips for Correct Interview Attire

First impressions play an important role in the recruitment interview process, especially in a ‘face to face’ interview. Interviewers will make assumptions about professional credibility and potential performance based on how you present yourself. Dressed correctly, you will communicate to the interviewer that you are a professional and responsible person. If you dress inappropriately, you risk presenting an image which may taint the interview’s opinion of you which can affect the success of your application. Regardless of your experience, it can be difficult to overcome a poor first impression.

These tips should help you choose the right interview attire for your next job interview:

“Dress for Success”

You are interviewing directly with the people who may eventually hire you, you need to present yourself as a professional. When interviewing for a position in recruitment a suit and tie in a neutral colour are always great options for men to wear. For women, choose a neutral coloured trouser or skirt suit with a conservative top. Because you’ll be handling people’s livelihood, it’s important to look polished and detail-oriented.

“Be Conservative”

When choosing your outfit keep it simple, avoid bright colours in favour of neutral shades. Companies will have different dress code policies – do your research before your appointment. Different companies also have different opinions regarding piercings and tattoos; you may need to cover these up for your interview!

“Keep it Tidy”

Take the minimalist approach, in an interview with a recruitment agency a smart, well-groomed look is generally preferred. Keep make up minimal and neutral, and hair clean and neat. A lack of attention to the finer details may cause the interviewer to consider your approach to your work.


You’re likely to be nervous before your interview! Make sure you’re prepared for this, give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview to ensure you’ve checked that you’re smart in appearance and presented appropriately before you arrive. This is a sure fire way of reducing those nerves – you’re on time, dressed appropriately and ready to go!


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