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I haven’t written a personal blog for a while, recently they have been more aimed at promoting the business, industry knowledge etc, so I thought it was about time to catch up on the goings on over the past few months at Permanent People.

We have been lucky enough to have started dealing with some really good companies recently, the sort of firms I wanted to be working with when I had the idea of starting the business back in 2013. They range from small boutique start-ups, to national established businesses to some of the largest global recruiters around on the planet today, but all have one thing in common to me. I believe that if I am speaking to a candidate about them, I think they are a good employer and a potential fit for the person who might be looking for a change.

That’s really important to me and all the team at PP.

Changing your job is a really big decision for most of us, so I think it’s our responsibility to present options for people and consult them on routes they could take. And if we haven’t got a role in that seems suitable, we’ll advise the individual on where we think they might be best placed to look. Hopefully this approach works as we take it very personally.

Christmas was a really busy time for the company and we had some excellent recruiters starting new jobs with great companies in January and it was our busiest ever month, until February which then took that award, so everything is moving forward and positive. The last few months have seen us work really closely with an excellent Cardiff based agency who are truly market leading and it’s been great getting to know their business better, learn about their needs and deliver what they want in a real professional collaboration. It’s given those looking to enter the world of recruitment a real opportunity to work for, I think, one of the best recruitment businesses I’ve ever come across!!

I now feel that Permanent People is the company I wanted it to be and we operate in the way I wanted us to when I started. We have made mistakes and learnt a lot but everyone who is part of the team, Mandy, Amy, Anita, Louise and Michael, have all had input and continue to do so on a daily basis.

We are always thinking of ways to evolve and improve, this won’t ever stop as no company is perfect, but I do think we are the the perfect version of ourselves because we believe in our approach and our intention is always with the candidate and client in mind, and as long we we continue on that road, 2015 is going to be a belter for everyone.


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