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New Year… Same Old Story.

After the Christmas break, many of us wipe the slate clean for another great year in recruitment. With the leftovers of that fuzzy Christmas feeling still around us, we take a seat at our desk again and begin tackling the workload which has built up while we were off.

Whilst a positive, driven, forward-thinking approach to 2015 is essential, I believe that January should also be a time for reflection.

If you were unhappy in your job before Christmas, it’s easy to sit at your desk and slip back into the same old routine – the routine which leaves you unfulfilled and feeling like you haven’t achieved the things you wanted to.

And that’s not going to change, unless you do something about it.

It might feel easier just to stay where you are, even when things have gone stale. Who needs the hassle of finding a new job? But finding a new job needn’t be a hassle. At Permanent People we provide an efficient, straight-forward service, which allows candidates to get out of that rut and land the job that they were meant to be doing all along.

Ask yourself these questions:

Did I accomplish all that I set out to in 2014?

Did I challenge myself enough?

Was I supported in my development?

Can I see myself reaching my goals in my current agency?

Am I looking forward to the year ahead?

If the answer to some or all of these questions is ‘no’ …

…get in touch with us!


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