Recruitment growth sectors for 2015

At this time of year, we all start looking and planning for the next year, so as we all head into 2015, it is useful to see where the growth sectors of recruitment will be especially as the REC Jobs Outlook Survey recently reported a 9% growth in the next two years.

Agencies will be looking for areas of potential growth and recruiters may be trying to see where might be a good place to concentrate on a change of sector or growth within their current one.

So below is a list of the top five growth sectors for the upcoming 2015

IT & Tech

As we all know, this is a boom area with 46,000 jobs being created estimating an approximate £12bn in the digital tech scene over the next ten years.


This is a changing sector and there is huge demand for experienced candidates with more needed year on year. More experienced candidates are leaving the industry through retirement and the next generation are badly needed to fill the gaps, so this sector is one where a real candidate shortage is being experienced with their being a big requirement for their services. Graduate recruitment for engineers will form a big push in 2015.

Finance & Accounting

Seemingly 68% of staff in another recent survey said that they have an expectation that their desk will grow next year with a further 48% finance and accountancy workers saying they have seen growth in the past year

Oil, Gas & Energy

As Oil becomes a more precious commodity, progress into other forms of energy supplies will develop so specialists within the market will be at an all-time-high with industries such as Fracking and Shale coming to forefront of the sector

Life Sciences

Any sectors involving the health, pharmaceutical or sciences are going to continue to see growth for many a year because of the way our world is today. We are living longer as a society and that has an impact on the recruiting world as more and more staffing, especially in specialist areas will be needed.

So all good news for the recruitment industry within these sectors for 2015 and others such as driving and industrial also see a resurgence because of on-line shopping and the boost to UK manufacturing mean that now more than ever that the recruitment industry are seeing the green shoots of recovery with a positive outlook for 2015 and beyond, which can only be a good thing for everyone.




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