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Advertising jobs – fake?

We all see lots of new jobs being advertised everyday on social media and across the internet, and nine times out of ten they are genuine companies and recruiters looking to fill vacancies.

But do people still write fake job adverts and updates on social media to attract people?

Of course they do. Who are we kidding.

Social media is full of people trying to capture candidates, but why write nonsensical updates for jobs that don’t exist. We can all spot them a mile off and you’re fooling no-one by doing it!

You won’t get candidates but writing these types of messages, it will just dilute peoples opinion of your reputation.

Why not try something really controversial, talking with your client about what they require and writing an appropriate advert that’s informative, factual and aimed at giving a potential job seeker a window into the role you’re recruiting for.

Guaranteed that if you do this, candidates will read your adverts and not dismiss them and you will get more people applying. And you won’t fundamentally be guilty of false advertising, just a small point.

Lets raise the quality of recruiting and what we do every day, rather than acting as if candidates are people that can be fooled, they can’t!

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