Clear as mud?!

You see the role that grabs your attention, contact the employer or recruiter who is dealing with the position, send your CV over to them, go for the interview and the position sounds great.

Perhaps you have to then have a second interview, do an on-line test, you get offered the role and you accept, sounds like the position is exactly what you’re looking for.

What happens then? Does the job you accept always measure up to what was sold to you at interview?

Not always it seems.

We have daily conversations with recruiters who find themselves in this exact situation. They’re told they will cover this area, desk or sector, then after a settling in period, the role changes and goalposts are moved!

This does seem to be a common occurrence. Why?

Surely it’s better to lay out expectations to the individual from day one so they know what their remit is and what it is that they will be measured by. Then candidates have a warts and all view on the role, and what they are accepting when they take the position. This way, and it’s proven from our discussions, the incoming new employee is under no illusion and is generally happier long-term, as what was offered is precisely what has happened.

So be clear, point out the tough areas of the role, be realistic and then when an offer is made, the candidate has a clear view and know’s what they be doing. If this happens, they’ll stay longer and belief in their manager and employer will be there from day one!

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