Integrity v Profit

What do you think is most important?

Can you work with integrity in recruitment, and I mean real integrity, not pretend blagging to get results, and still achieve the goals and figures you’re required to?

It’s becoming more and more important when dealing with candidates and clients, to actually provide that professional, consultative approach where you act with real value as long gone are the days when people fell for every trick in the book.

Candidates know when you’re stringing them along, and clients became aware of this along time ago. So if this is news to you, then you might have a bit of a problem.

If you think you can continue to feed people the same lines, just so you hit your target, earn your commission and go home with your pockets lined, then your time in recruitment will be limited. You’ll probably work in the industry for a few years, then blame pressure or lack of motivation to do sales as your reason for leaving recruitment.

But think of the industry in a different way. What if you actually cared about what you were doing? I guarantee you would get more satisfaction out of recruitment, you’re candidates would respect what you’re saying and you’re clients would trust your judgement. You would then enjoy your job, progress in your career and probably end up earning more as a result. And you could look yourself in the mirror as well!

Revolutionary I know, but placing a person into a job might just be another tick in your sales box, but to the candidate, they are starting a new role which, along with buying a house, relationships and family, is a really important part of someone’s life.

Think about what it was like when you were job seeking, would you liked to have been thought of as a commodity? I doubt it.

And to your client, they are employing a new person into their business, they want this person to make a difference to their company or organisation.

Ultimately, for both parties, one truth is paramount. It’s personal.

Is it to you?

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