Clock watching

When you get into work today, what’s the first thing you do? Have a chat? Make a drink? Are you already counting down the hours until lunchtime?

Studies suggest that if this is the case, you are clearly not happy in your place of work.

The belief is that although we all want to be paid what we’re worth, have train and career development, it’s the day-to-day activities in your role that make you motivated or the opposite.

Those that achieve their goals and advance in their career all have a common factor, they care about what they do and believe in the company they work for. We spend an average of 1814.24 hours at work each year, so we may as well enjoy what we do.

If you care and like your job, productivity will undoubtedly follow along with better pay and promotions, but it all starts with being in the right job and company for you, with no more clock watching, there’s too much to do!

Sound familiar?

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