Rec-to-Rec, R2R, Recruitment Jobs…What do you expect?

We consider ourselves recruiters.

Whether we are recruiting in London, Cardiff, Liverpool or Newcastle, what we do is the same. Deliver a good service to our clients and candidates alike and treat them as we would want to be treated.

We have been in both situations.

As an hiring manager, we have had rec-to-rec’s spec CV’s in that are sometimes relevant and sometimes not, we have gone to them when we really needed to recruit and didn’t have the time to find the ideal candidate and more often than not, it’s been a very useful way of networking with some very good recruiters.

And as a candidate, if you’re looking for a new job whilst you’re in one, or if you’ve left your role and are looking for your next challenge, R2R’s are often a very good way of finding the position you are looking for.

But what are your expectations?

We all know how recruitment works, so a Rec-to-Rec, should understand and listen to what you are looking for. Each person is individual so their needs and list of priorities are different.

If you are hiring, it could be that the candidate must have industry specific experience or the personality might be more important.

And if you are job seeking, it could be salary, size of the company, career progression or office environment that is the vital component.

Whatever it is, we like to think that having been on both sides of the fence, we are ideally placed to help you, whatever your needs.

To us it’s a simple case of listening and communicating with you and then delivering what we say we will.

So if you are looking for your next recruitment consultant in Birmingham, a manager in London or business developer in Manchester, we are ideally placed to work with you.

And if you want that new job in recruitment but don’t know where to turn and what a consultative approach, but ultimately a job, get in touch with Permanent People, the R2R that believes that getting ready is the secret of success!

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