Recruitment agency in Cardiff

Six months in to the life of Permanent People and we are proud to be recognised as one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies in based in Cardiff.

We cover the entire network of the UK, with vacancies in Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham, London, Nottingham, Bristol and Leeds. Recently, we have had a couple of new jobs come in for the recruitment sector based in Houston, Texas, which we could not of foreseen.

Indeed, the daily and weekly challenges that have faced us have been a very interesting learning curve and even after years of working in the recruitment industry, it has been refreshing to come up with new solutions and ideas to keep our reputation and the sector ever evolving.

Our roots are in Cardiff and having become such a specialist recruitment agency in a vibrant and growing city, it shows that if you give good service to people, there is always room for a new kid on the block, in what many people may have perceived as a congested market.

There will be a few announcements over the next couple of months which will underline our strength, progression and position in the market, and we are very excited about the changes to come.

In the meantime, we remain proud to be offering the very best recruitment jobs in Cardiff and across the UK, evidencing our rise amongst the other recruitment agencies in South Wales.

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