Classic excuses for calling in sick…

Every now and then, we all get ill, it is unavoidable and sometimes we have to take the day off work. We rest up, get better and return to work healthier. No big problem there. Our employer can cope and it’s better than you spreading your germs all over the workplace.

But there are some of us out there, unbelievable I know, that make up an excuse for not wanting to go in!!

Some people get really creative in this department and spend more energy coming up with a story than they would have if they had just gone into work.

Personally, I’ve heard a few from “I had to chase a burglar away from my house” to “I saw a UFO on the way in and had to call the police” and not forgetting the beauty that was “I couldn’t make it in today because I fell of my bike into a hedge and couldn’t get up”

These are genuine things that I have heard from candidates over the years, and for your amusement, here are some other classics!

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