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Leaving a company

For most of us, leaving a company where you’ve worked for a while is a big decision, probably only surpassed by buying a new home or changing a relationship, it’s a big deal.

There are lots of reasons to stay in your current position, you’re comfortable there, you get paid enough to cover the bills, you have friends there so the social element is good. But is that why you work?

We need to earn money, but when we started out in our careers, we had ambition to achieve our aims, more money, promotion, getting our ideas heard. When does that stop and the comfort zone take over??

If you look around you and good people are leaving where you work to move to competitors, that’s normally a sign that things aren’t going well. No company can keep affording to lose good people, with constant replacements coming in, there’s no stability then and the direction of the company and your team starts to decline.

So decide what you want.

Is it more money? A better working environment? A chance of promotion? Better benefits? More convenient location?

All of these things are important, but what about ultimately thinking about your career and where you are going and does that match your current companies direction?

James Caan writes a really interesting piece on this today and it’s well worth consoderation


Just something to think about. PR

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