Vacancy page. Fab or fabricated?

A pet hate of mine is when you look at company vacancy pages on their website and it’s full of jobs that are there either to make the company look busy or it’s for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Now whilst I realise the importance of SEO and driving traffic to your site, is that really at the cost of the integrity of your company. Surely you can do both. Write a good advert that draws traffic. Simple.

And call me crazy, but shouldn’t that job exist?

From the job seekers point of view, they are searching around the net, looking for a job, they find one and then when they speak to the company, or email them, they find out that really the advert was just put there to make their site look busy.

It’s this kind of lazy recruitment which gives good companies and agencies a bad name. It also fills the web with a lot of pointless stuff which people have to wade through before they can find what they are looking for.

Which company or agency really has thousands of live jobs at any one time? Answer, none of them.

As you can see, it frustrates me, and seems at best to be dishonest and intending to trick genuine job seekers.

So here is a crazy idea.

Write good quality adverts, that represent an actual job, so good candidates can apply for it, and you can get them work.

Anyone have any thoughts on this??

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