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‘Third of children in workless homes in most deprived areas of Wales’

Headlines like the above in papers such as the South Wales Echo illustrate the economic situation that certain areas are suffering with. Reading the percentages of unemployment, phrases such as “…children growing up in workless households [of] (30.3%)” cause frustration for those suffering under such figures and anger in those who previously thought the current situation wasn’t as severe as it currently is. However, instead of focusing on the negative connotations of the situation, we should try and figure out the most beneficial way to deal with such predicaments. Although many of us won’t have to deal with such a severe instance, is there certain things we are overlooking? I think it’s time to look at the situation in a different manner and try to consider what we could do to benefit ourselves when we find ourselves out of luck and narrow on options:

  • Volunteering: This is a beneficial way to keep busy and also hopefully gain some sort of opportunity within a company. Although these opportunities would be more closely associated with Interning, which I will move onto momentarily, it is most important as it keeps us in the working mindset. We assume that once we are out of luck, jobless and in a tough situation, that we would be able to jump back into work if this opportunity arose for us again, but mindset is key. If we retain routine we risk a much harsher level of introspection, we avoid causing ourselves extra strain and stress through depression or self deprecation if we continue to get up, get out and work, even if it is for free.
  • Internships: Although offered mainly to those with previous training or on specific related course for universities and higher education, internships are a great way to prove your abilities to companies despite the fact you are not an employee of a permanent position. There are many options for internships of which more detailed information can be found on the Government website. Stating that these positions come about easily would be a vast over exaggeration, but not including them as an option would be ridiculous as they can be more valuable than people may recognise.
  • Work trials: Most of us aren’t aware of these opportunities. Similar to internships these positions will be sought out by employer to test the employees on a realistic scale. Although there is not necessarily a job guaranteed at the end of the term, what better way is there to prove you’re willing? More info on the matter can be found here.
  • Keep an up to date CV: We often forget our achievements until we really consider what we’ve done. All work can be relevant if we learn how to approach writing a CV and many skills we pick up are more transferable when we actually think further about what it is we did on a technical scale. Rather than writing ‘Office work’, think about re-wording and breaking down exactly what you did so your employer can see the level of competence you will bring to their company and the position you’re applying for.
  • Keep the search going: Although this may seem a redundant statement to make, general unhappiness can cause us to give up bothering when we think there’s no way out of a situation, but we must keep searching. We hear and read all sorts of horror stories from friends, family and within the media, of people searching for jobs for months on end, handing out hundreds of CV’s and receiving nothing in return. But, if we constantly return to previous companies and establishments we’ll be recognised. This recognition will go a long way and present companies with an individual that is more than ready to work and available whenever they need.
  • Register with a reputable recruitment agency: Of course working closely with an agency allows for us to help you. Sourcing candidates is time consuming, as agencies such as ourselves vet and source to a pinpoint level of accuracy, and so finding you may take up valuable time that you could be working. Make sure that you register with agencies and check their website for vacancies regularly to benefit yourself.

All in all time is the key factor in many of the situations we find ourselves in, but if we consider the above options we leave ourselves with a much higher chance of reaching our goals, be it employment in general, or moving up the ladder we may already be clinging onto.

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