Week two

As my third week begins, after a very relaxed weekend, it’s worth looking back on my second week here at Permanent People before I start my final week interning. We had a manic week here at the office, sourcing candidates all over the UK, trying to fit people into interview slots and scouring online databases for the very best at their roles. Throughout all of this I’ve learned the important lesson in the world of recruitment: connections are key. Obviously the know how and ability to think ahead, place correctly and trust candidates are more than vital for the job role, ensuring that you have a healthy relationship with other recruitment firms is priority.

Without patience this job would be impossible, it can be frustrating knowing that positions need to be filled and there is only a very few select specialist candidates on the scene. But if you allow yourself some leeway then the entire process becomes a lot more straightforward, the storm clouds above seem to shift of their own volition, rather than being forced away only to return at an even more irritating time. Sparing the metaphors, I can see that working in this industry can be tough, but prevailing against the difficult odds makes it all worth while, helping those who deserve work find their ideal position is something that makes us happy as well as the candidates.

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