The world of databases

By far one of the most useful tools in recruiting is the internet database provided by various firms. Scouring such databases can be tricky and search terms are not always the most obvious things, so many specialist terms, so many acronyms for qualifications and out of date information can make a simple search for a candidate into a bit of a nightmare. What I have noticed since working here is that many of us like to use our most professional guise, and rightly so, no one should be able to take away our hard earned title or technical position as after all, we earned it. But on the other hand, although we love to tout our achievements after working so hard towards them, it can also be useful to not exclusively use such titles or roles as a definition. Instead I think it would be a wise choice to make the most standard title the most widely available in certain cases, as a more technical term can make a person seem almost overqualified or irrelevant to a certain role when actually, their skills match the available position letter for letter. It’s a difficult entering the professional world and we have no need to make it any harder for ourselves.

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