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Week one

My second week of work begins today! After a long and welcome three day weekend I had a chance to step away from the office and wind down, although my mind was still considering vacancies, filling positions and overall the happiness of out clients. It just goes to show that when you want something done, you never let it out of your mental periphery.

The first week had it’s pitfalls, as does any business, but most importantly a new opportunity arose for the company that we’re working towards, several positions that we can, and will, fill appeared as if by magic. Using several websites and out trusty office phones I began the search for the vacancies that appeared, scouring the many sites that hold key people for the roles is always intriguing, gauging the candidates before you’ve had a chance to even speak to them is one of the more complicated tasks of the job, and today I return to my bursting inbox. All in all it’s going to be a busy day, but the phone is going to be manned by a refreshed mindset as well as body, which should make the task ahead that little bit more straightforward.

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