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And the hunt begins

Today is my first official day as a candidate resource consultant and I expect it to be a rather busy day indeed. The world of employment is a tough one at the best of times, and resourcing the right people for the right job is something that can have its pitfalls and surprises, but that doesn’t stop us! For the most part I’ll be hunting down the right people for the vacancies available, having a chat with them and getting to know them the best I can. Without a level of personal interest, what’s the point of attempting to place a candidate? That’s something I can already see that Permanent People adopts. The world of modern technology is one that allows us a great deal of freedom when we consider the concept of employment. The days of Rolodex’s are long gone and scouring has become a lot more direct, on the other hand it does make the hunt that every bit more complex. Finding the right people in places that you would expect seems like a basic premise: ‘I want X and therefore I will look at Y’, but new intricacies come with such a great deal of information and we have to learn to adapt as the times also do. Vetting and ensuring we place the right people in the right places is what we do best.

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