Interning and the world of social media

Internships, a title often met with severe conjecture in the world of business and a phrase often thought to be more detrimental than actually useful, but here at Permanent People we don’t have time for any of that noise! Starting the day at 7 sharp(ish), bright eyed and bushy tailed, I had my tour of the office, my position set up for the next weeks, and my daily dose of coffee keeping my bushy tail at its best. Without a doubt I could sense the tone of the environment I was in, an office that contained actual people; rather than the feared possibility of a white-collared nightmare. I soon came to the conclusion that not only is Permanent People a business that is catered for employment, but a place that caters for the employee as an individual, the personal touches that ensure when we interview and vet our candidates their happiness on a professional level, as well as personal one is achieved.

As an intern I’m going to be organising interviews, interviewing candidates myself, and working closely with the social media aspects of the company, making sure that job seekers actually benefit from the modern world we live in. The haze of sites like facebook and twitter are generally thought to be places that we visit to whittle away the hours, to gaze at absentmindedly at photos of friends and soak up information that may not benefit you as much as you’d like to think, but instead we use them as a tool to lead you into the world of permanent placing and a career that you’ll love. We are bringing the positions that you need directly to you. This is only the beginning for me, and hopefully many of you…

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