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Working week ahead

Sunday nights and weekends generally, are spent fitting in as much fun, activities and experiences before the working week ahead looms upon you on Monday morning!

Are you looking forward to work this week, no? Why not do something about it. What’s stopping you?

Honestly, most people are in the comfort zone at work, they know everyone at work, they know their job, they know pretty much what’s going to happen throughout the day and week ahead and that is comforting, but are you achieving what you could be and really realising your potential? Perhaps you have to work to live and pay the bills, your kids need things or you and your partner want that holiday. But you still have to go to work everyday! So you may as well enjoy it and like where you work, otherwise you’re just muddling along just paying bills but not really getting satisfaction.

We make sure we get satisfaction everywhere else, in a relationship if it wasn’t working you’d do something about it. On a holiday if your hotel wasn’t living up to your expectation, you’d do something about it. In a restaurant, if your food was cold, you’d do something about it.

But you don’t get satisfaction at work and you do nothing…why??

Change it. Do something about it. Now.

It’s never to late to change and do what you want to do. A good recruiter (ahem) should help you do this. They should work on your behalf to help you find the job that satisfies you. We do. And we’re proud of that. PR

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