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As the launch of the company gets closer, I’ve realised how many people are out there who will genuinely help you for no reason other than they are nice! It’s good to know there are others around who can offer invaluable support and advice when getting your company off the ground. As part of the on-going development of certain areas, this meant a long day yesterday travelling to Merseyside, but it was really worth it, got some fantastic advice from some very knowledgeable people.

Things have really moved on this week for Permanent People and our first clients have start to take advantage of the service we offer, you can view the vacancies we’re recruiting for in the ‘Jobs’ section of the site or on the link on this page.

It has amazed me with some of the horror stories I’ve heard from clients regarding their experience with some recruiters. We’re not solely a R2R (a recruitment agency that specialises in recruiting recruiters!!) but is part of what we do, so when speaking with some contacts this week I heard some of the (or worst depending how you look at it) stories in a while.

My own personal experience with R2R’s is that it’s a mixed bag. Some have been really good to deal with, professional, know their candidate well and others, well…not so good.

When I was looking for a new role a while ago, I spoke with a few and most of them after taking down what I was looking for, never spoke to me again, ever! So it’s no wonder that recruitment sometimes gets a bad rep.

All of this has made us here at Permanent People more determined to succeed and it has galvanised our belief in that our approach is the best one. PR

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