Start Up

In the beginning…

Our first blog, exciting times at Permanent People.

We’re a new recruitment agency about to launch in August 2013 so there’s a lot of prep being done, from designing this very site, getting our social media pages up to date through to contacting companies that myself (Paul) as the director,  previously dealt with.

My real wish for this business is that we change things in the recruitment industry and start a movement towards a more honest attitude.

Real experiences

By that I mean I have spoken to so many people over the years that have the same issue with agencies, they send their CV in or call them up but they never hear back from them which ends up with the candidate frustrated and the agency gains a negative!

I don’t see the reason for this as it doesn’t take much to respond to someone, a call, email, tweet whatever. We’ve all been job seekers so try putting yourself in their situation!

As for clients, hopefully most will welcome a fresh approach with candidates turning up for interview fully prepared and enthusiastic for the opportunity to talk about the vacancy.

I’ll update on the progress and challenges we face, should be interesting. PR

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