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UK to USA – Recruitment Jobs

UK to USA … why not ?

Here are the top 5 reasons you should make the move across the pond for a career in recruitment:                                                                        


The Weather

With everything from snow-capped mountains to sun parched deserts, there’ll be somewhere in America which has your perfect climate. Most places have four distinct seasons, but if sun all year round is your thing then you’re spoilt for choice with Florida and South California.

Higher incomes and plenty of opportunities

The average wage here is higher than in the UK. This is especially true for people working in the tech industries, which means plenty of business for recruiters!

With many companies having their HQ’s in Silicon Valley, you could be working alongside Facebook, Google, Netflix, YouTube and many more!

Beautiful houses

In the UK, we have flats and terraces, in the USA, they call it real estate. Affordable large, spacious houses with pools, cellars, massive kitchens and garages is certainly a great reason to move to the USA.


Paradise is within reach

Mexico ? Hawaii ? Bahamas? All these luxury holiday locations are easily accessible from the US in as little as 4 hours.

Beach holidays not your thing? Don’t worry, the US has it all. Weekend breaks to the bright lights of Las Vegas and the ski slopes of Colorado are just a short flight away.






Love of our British accent

Americans do indeed have a soft spot for a British accent and you will find that people will be very friendly and pleased to meet you once they hear the way you speak. Some people say it can even help boost your salary and career prospects too!



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