Week two

As my third week begins, after a very relaxed weekend, it’s worth looking back on my second week here at Permanent People before I start my final week interning. We had a manic week here at the office, sourcing candidates all over the UK, trying to fit people into interview […]

The world of databases

By far one of the most useful tools in recruiting is the internet database provided by various firms. Scouring such databases can be tricky and search terms are not always the most obvious things, so many specialist terms, so many acronyms for qualifications and out of date information can make […]

The old dog and bone

Obviously as we move further into the twenty-first century technology becomes more and more vital as we can communicate in a multiplicity of ways. However, one distinct issue that plagues the recruitment industry is the lack of comprehension that comes with the more simple and direct forms of communication. With […]

Week one

My second week of work begins today! After a long and welcome three day weekend I had a chance to step away from the office and wind down, although my mind was still considering vacancies, filling positions and overall the happiness of out clients. It just goes to show that […]

A similar mindset

Back in the office today and using our lovely social media, I’ve seen people of a similar mindset, making statements allowing me to see trends in a world I’ve entered very recently compared to some that correlate with my own. It’s strange to see that there’s professionals that haven’t lost […]

More people in work…

The BBC reports that the trend for employment is on the increase, more people are now in work and unemployment fell by 4,000 to June 2013. So basically although unemployment stands at 2.51 million which is 7.8%, it’s still news that the employment market is going in the right direction. […]

Let’s have a look see

Search engines are the friend of many, especially any modern business. Today I spent time looking through more CV’s, using social media to help find candidates for work and updating our information to ensure that the vacancies on our site are current. A lot of screens and a lot of […]

And the hunt begins

Today is my first official day as a candidate resource consultant and I expect it to be a rather busy day indeed. The world of employment is a tough one at the best of times, and resourcing the right people for the right job is something that can have its […]

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no, it’s a CV

Curriculum Vitae, something that we all have to write at some stage or another, but can we all improve on our approach when writing it. Over the course of our education, we’re told to improve our grades and reach our potential, but we are rarely ever given a life lesson in selling […]

Interning and the world of social media

Internships, a title often met with severe conjecture in the world of business and a phrase often thought to be more detrimental than actually useful, but here at Permanent People we don’t have time for any of that noise! Starting the day at 7 sharp(ish), bright eyed and bushy tailed, I […]