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Info on relocating to Amsterdam!

If you are considering relocating to The Netherlands, and specifically Amsterdam, this guide should be informative and give you details on:-

Housing, Tax, Insurance, Schooling, bringing your Pets and other stuff we think you might want to know!

So Permanent People can help you with finding the right recruitment job, as we work with unique, interesting and varying sized recruitment businesses. But that’s half the battle. We are there to help you with everything, that’s our job, and why you would use a Rec2Rec like Permanent People to help you with everything in helping you achieve your dream of relocating to Amsterdam.

Here’s some helpful information.


Amsterdam housing can be tricky to find, so we would like to link you through to some great sites, where you can research exactly the type of accommodation that you’re after. Have a look at these: www.pararius.nlwww.expatriates.com or www.funda.nl

These will give you and insight into what’s available for you.





Everything else

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