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Australian Recruitment FAQs


  • What is the recruitment industry like in Australia compared to the UK?
  • What are the basic salaries like?
  • What are the biggest sectors?
  • What current vacancies are there?

These are questions that we mostly get asked.

So, in order:

What is the recruitment industry like in Australia compared to the UK

Although Australia is bigger geographically, the population is smaller – 24.4M v 65.2M, so as a bi-product the recruitment industry is smaller.

The actual job of recruiting is the same principal though. One distinct difference is the way business is conducted, as face-to-face meetings with clients and candidates is the best way to go about building relationships. So regular lunches, coffees and after work drinks are normal ways of maintaining and winning new business versus the UK way of been mainly phone based. There’s a more open feeling from clients generally due to the market being candidate driven, so businesses often welcome their relationship with the recruiter.

What are the basic salaries like?

As of 2018, new legislation has been brought in for relocating recruiters to Australia. So if you are looking for sponsorship, a salary of $90,000 is the new level that will be paid as a minimum.

  • This means that only senior and managerial level recruiters will now be considered.
  • ‘Super’ is paid by your employer and works out at 9.5% of your salary and wages. It’s a partly compulsory and acts as a fund to provide and income in retirement.
  • There’s other similarities such as thresholds which are common for commission in the UK.

What are the biggest sectors?

Our clients ask us for recruiters with experience in their sector, but also open to sales based recruiters who can change sector.

At the moment, the most in demand sectors for us are:

  • Digital
  • Finance
  • Accountancy
  • IT – All verticals
  • Construction – Civils, Trades, Rail, Architecture, Property
  • Medical
  • Marketing Automation

And current vacancies

We’ve got quite a few, have look at our Recruitment Jobs in Australia


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