Agency tricks

At the end of this week, my first in my new office, I received a call from a bloke trying to find out if I could help him out with his recruitment requirements. Now on the face of it, this seems great, however as the business is very new and […]

Zero hours contracts

It has been all over the news in the past 24 hours that approximately a million people are working under a zero hours contract. I think Vince Cables use of the word ‘abuse’ is a bit over dramatic but I do realise that essentially these type of contracts main beneficiaries […]

Well that’s how it feels anyway. Today is the day before Permanent People goes live and new era in permanent recruitment is brought to the masses. Alright, maybe that’s a bit OTT but I feel that with the launch of the company tomorrow, we really can start making a difference […]

Fall in graduate vacancies

The BBC reports that this year has seen a 4% decline in available graduate vacancies, meaning that it’s tougher than ever for graduating students to find a job that fits in with their degree. Please see the link for the full story:- A good recruitment agency will help any […]


With just four days to go now until Permanent People is unleashed onto the world, I’ve been struck at how an idea can grow into a plan and then into reality in such a short space of time. It takes a lot of hard work and there is definitely more […]

Social Media?

Do you use social media to find work? It would be interesting to see if it is a viable format to search for such an important part of people’s lives. I think people still use traditional media such as job boards, press and word-of-mouth but there is a growing trend […]

Working week ahead

Sunday nights and weekends generally, are spent fitting in as much fun, activities and experiences before the working week ahead looms upon you on Monday morning! Are you looking forward to work this week, no? Why not do something about it. What’s stopping you? Honestly, most people are in the […]

9 days to go!

With just nine days until Permanent People officially launches, it’s been a busy week involving a trip to Merseyside, new clients on board with new vacancies around the UK and getting the website ship-shape. It’s amazing how quickly everything has come together and just shows you what can be done […]

Permanent jobs growth

Great news in from the REC who have said that 56% of employers will add a permanent members of staff t their company in the next quarter. This is optimistic news for job seekers and no better time to send Permanent People your CV. For the full article, see:-

On my travels…

As the launch of the company gets closer, I’ve realised how many people are out there who will genuinely help you for no reason other than they are nice! It’s good to know there are others around who can offer invaluable support and advice when getting your company off the […]