Visa Information


Often one of the most pressing and confusing things is whether your applicable to gain Visa to get the recruitment job in Australia, and what type of Visa do you need to go for?

If you work as a recruitment consultant at the moment, but are not an Australian resident, hopefully we can shed some light on this for you.

  • Most of our recruitment agency clients look to employ recruiters via Sponsorship (also referred to as a  sub class 457) for a period of up to four years.
  • A lot of people come to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa (sub class 417).

(For more information on this, just ask)

In a nutshell, for sponsorship, our clients are looking for people who have one of the following backgrounds:

A degree and a minimum of two years recruitment experience – ideally the degree will be linked to recruiting as an occupation


No degree and five years recruitment experience

As of 2018, the Australian Government have adjusted the incoming salary levels for recruiters, meaning that a base salary of $90,000 now HAS to be offered. The upshot of this means that only very senior recruiters and managers are likely to be considered.

In the main, this what you will need to gain sponsorship from an employer.

The Visa is in place for four years, you can then apply for another Visa for another four years.

The 457 Visa can only be transferred between employers if you left your recruitment and found find another suitable employer who would offer to continue the original sponsorship, and it’s in another recruitment position.

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